Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Wife Meets The Woz

April met The Woz last night. How cool is that?!

April Kerychuk and Steve Wozniak.
April showing Steve a poster of himself, his son, and some PowerBooks.

April Kerychuk and Steve Wozniak.
Kerychuk and Wozniak. Gurus of technology and education!

Qwest Center Omaha - NIght view.
Evening at the Qwest Center in Omaha, Nebraska.

April and one of her work associates attended an AIM Institute banquet in Omaha where Steve was the keynote speaker. After the speech, Wozniak hung around to pose for photos and graciously sign Macs, Apple II's and other historic Apple and Woz-related items. She said he was not only an entertaining speaker, but also listened attentively to guests and welcomed their own stories.

Steve Wozniak: a class act all the way.

Update: My wife has posted her recollection of the event in the comments section, while another Woz fan shares his experience at