Monday, February 07, 2005

Pixar's Dan Lee Passes Away

You may have heard about the passing of Dan Lee, a character designer and animator at Pixar Animation Studios. Sadly, he was taken by cancer, something which shouldn't claim anyone. Dan was instrumental in designing not only 'Nemo' and his father in Finding Nemo, but other characters in Monsters, Inc. and A Bug's Life. He had such an impact on those around him, that he's being remembered by many worldwide news organizations.

Along with Glenn McQueen, another Pixar artisan who also passed away a few years ago, it appears that Dan was a soft-spoken person, remembered by all as somebody who contributed and translated their enthusiam for animation and character design to the memorable, heart-warming, iconic characters we see on the silver screen. From what I understand, this is typical of all Pixar employees.

Ronnie del Carmen, another creative genius, posts the Ottawa Citizen article on Dan for all to read. It really gives you a sense of who he was and how he viewed the world. You can read the article here.

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