Friday, July 29, 2005

Raiders of the Lost Archive - Vol. 3

My wife and I have been helping a friend renovate a house he recently purchased. In the process of demolishing the old basement setup, we took down a study wall with nautical pirate-themed wallpaper. Since I liked parts of the pattern, I decided to scan these images to share. Avast!!!

Pirate Ship Wallpaper Image
I particularly like the designs on the sails.

Pirate Ship Wallpaper Image
The ships were surrounded by ancient maps and drawings.

I also found an old Edmonton Journal newspaper stuffed into a hole in the wall. With the fondness I have for Hawai'ian/Polynesian/Tiki culture, I had to share these fun ads as well.

1971 Edmonton Journal Polynesian Restaurant Ad
The Tiki really makes the ad. I understand this restaurant was very popular.

1971 Edmonton Journal Tiki Tiki Restaurant Ad
Another popular restaurant during its time.

1971 Edmonton Journal Westinghouse Ad
Check out that Polynesian look! Imagine the enchanting sound!

Black and white photos of the interior of The Beachcomber are available at

I'd like to see another Polynesian-themed restaurant/shop open up in Edmonton. Unless one already exists which I'm not aware of, but they have the potential to help you escape to tropical locales without leaving the city. And they allow for some great advertising!

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