Friday, November 05, 2004

The Amazing Incredibles

The Incredibles Still Image
I had the chance to see The Incredibles twice today and it was...well, 'Incredible!' Action abounds when a domesticized family of 'Supers' comes out of hiding to fight the ever-present Super Villains that inhabit their Comic Book Metropolis. This film combines the 50's era coolness of Brad Bird's animated classic The Iron Giant along with Pixar's engrossing style of Toy Story.

There's a great backstory and transitionary period that pokes fun at the bureaucracy, tedium, and thanklessness of today's society and as with any Pixar film, no matter what the character is made of, we can't help but sympathize with them. Mr. Incredible's evolution is fun to watch, and I can imagine every young boy wanting a Mr. Incredible figure as much as they wanted a Buzz Lightyear in 1995. There's more cartoon violence than in Pixar's other films, but the few kids in the showing I attended this afternoon, didn't seem frightened - and the positive messages are definitely not pushed aside.

Elastigirl and Mrs. Incredible ImagesThe voice acting is excellent and Samuel L. Jackson's Frozone nearly steals the show. As 'hip' as this movie is, I only wish we were able to see more of him because he really is that cool. Pixar has always had great female voice actresses as well, but Holly Hunter did an outstanding job as Elastigirl / Mrs. Incredible. Possibly the best match for a lead female animated character yet. She has all the right emotions a wife, mother, and Super-powered woman would have and with her genuinely caring attitude and fluid-like movements, she really is a hero that females can look up to.

The Incredibles stylized graphicAs usual, one of the elements that really stands out in a Pixar film, is the Design. From the characters to the environments to the opening and closing credits, the style and quality are breathtaking. In my opinion, the closing credits for The Incredibles is only matched by the opening titles for Monsters, Inc. Even elements like the living quarters of the main characters undergo as much design considerations as they characters themselves. Where other computer animated films show homes and enemy lairs that look as if they are made from digital cookie cutters, the ones in The Incredibles are both unique and familiar, blending in perfectly with the overall style. The design work for this film is so well done, you immediately get the homages to other movies and genres. From The Fantastic Four to James Bond and Spider-Man, to The Super Friends and The X-Men, with bits of Star Wars and Indiana Jones blended in, I was grinning from ear to ear at how Pixar put together another really great 'tribute' film. This is another set of characters that Pixar has potential to make more stories with, and I know like today, I'd be there opening day if they do!
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