Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The 8th Voyage of Sinbad

Ray Harryhausen PhotoApparently, the production which is being helmed by Rob Cohen (Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, Dragonheart, and XXX) and starring Keanu Reeves, is involving special effects pioneer Ray Harryhausen after all.

Ray, who is no stranger to the character, having collaborated on 3 previous Sinbad films, is providing the creative inspiration on the new film. This is good news for us Harryhausen fans, who know that Ray, even at his age, could still produce stuff that would blow others out of the water. Harryhausen recently has also mentioned his interest in telling another story about Sinbad and while this one may not be it, he'll hopefully have some great ideas to contribute for the hero's latest adventure.

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