Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Life is about the people you meet.

Screenshot of Tortoise walking story

Thanks to friends and the post at, I've watched the hit count on this blog soar. Many thanks from me to all the linkers and readers! I hope I can continue to bring you interesting things to read and see.

One of the purposes I had in mind when I started this personal blog was to talk about subjects that interest me, including people and places near and far. I've always found that one of the most important ingredients in life is the people we meet and that any other benefit is secondary. I've based a good deal of my personal and business decisions on the people I have a chance to work with and who I feel can really bring something positive or challenging to the relationship. Sometimes it becomes a lasting friendship, other times they become excellent contacts for projects, and still other people bring that one bit of wisdom to your life that allows you to progress on a personal or professional level.

Rushing to and from work, or the shopping malls and restaurants, the little gems of stories might not surface if we don't stop to talk to some of the more interesting people around us. Tragedies in life teach us that people can be gone in an instant and we should take every opportunity to meet the souls who make up our world. You may not get that second chance to talk to that girl at the bus stop, that artist you've watched sketching at the coffee shop, or the guy walking down the street with his pet tortoise.

The story I posted on Franklin the tortoise and his caretaker Jeff has helped one more interesting individual be introduced to the rest of the world. I had seen Jeff walking Franklin previously, slowed down to look, but then drove on. So when I saw him again the day I posted the story, I wasn't about to pass up this second chance to meet him. Little did I know that others would also find the story of interest.

When people enjoy our tales, they'll want to share them with friends and family, just as they would do when gathering around a crackling, summer campfire. The Internet, and blogs specifically, offer us a way have our own 'digital campfires' and regale our readers with our own thoughts, tales, and brilliant ideas. Often the stories are driven by themes but during other moments they're completely random. Sort of like this blog, which serves a collection of my varied interests.

Of all the items I've discussed on here, I had no idea that the one of the most read postings to date would be about a man taking his tortoise for a walk. In addition to that, stop-motion animation, the Muppets, and movies have all proved popular reading material for visitors. Evidently, I've found topics that people enjoy and I'm pleased to be able to share my thoughts on them.

Through Luxo, a Pixar blog I collaborate on with my friend Ken Bautista, I was asked by a reader to contribute opinions for a magazine article about the animation studio. The Alberta Movie Guide has provided a venue for readers to inquire about the provincial film industry, and recently I received an invitiation to submit photos of the tortoise and his caretaker to the Greek edition of FHM Magazine. In the past few hours, I've also discovered that the Franklin story was featured on's Tech News & Web Guide.

Screenshot of USA Today Tortoise walking story

Even with my limited contributions to the Palaeoblog, edited by Dr. Michael Ryan, I've been fortunate enough to share my interest in dinosaurs and meet like-minded individuals. Not only has it allowed me to discuss the latest palaeontological discoveries or newest video games, films, and comics showcasing the giant beasts, but it's also directed visitors back to this site to learn about my other adorations.

Contributing to these blogs takes a tremendous amount of time but I truly enjoy all the various subjects I'm able to talk about. More importantly, and back to my initial statement, life is about the people you meet and I'm constantly fascinated by those I encounter. If these links from other blogs, websites, magazines, and papers help me meet new people and put a smile on our faces, then I believe I'm doing something right.

Thanks for all your support!

A big 'thank you' also goes to my wife who continues to indulge my many creative passions including writing for these blogs. She's easily one of the most important people I've met yet!

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