Friday, October 14, 2005

'Sand Pirates of the Sahara'

Thought I'd share this fun old movie poster image...

Poster for Sand Pirates of the Sahara

As some of you are probably already aware, Sand Pirates of the Sahara was not an actual feature film. It was sort of a mini-movie produced for use in Frank Darabont's underrated 2001 film, The Majestic. "Brett Armstrong" is really cult-film favorite, actor Bruce Campbell, known mostly for his role as 'Ash' in the Evil Dead movies.

The sequences that were shot for Sand Pirates of the Sahara can be seen on the bonus features section of The Majestic DVD. It's a campy, but definitely fun throwback to the adventure films of the 1900's. Though the pseudo-film was a nice homage to the George Lucas and Steven Spielberg blockbuster, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Darabont actually has ties to the whip-wielding character, having worked as a writer on 'The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.'

Careful viewers will notice that a certain golden idol from the Indiana Jones series makes an appearance in the movie. It's even illustrated in the poster near the bottom right corner.

For more information about adventure films, check out this link.

Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and Jim Carrey Online.

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