Monday, June 12, 2006

Raiders Celebrates 25 Years

Raiders of the Lost Ark movie poster 01

25 years ago today, movie fans witnessed "the return of the great adventure" when George Lucas and Steven Spielberg brought us Raiders of the Lost Ark.

A personal all-time favorite, Raiders took viewers into the world of archeologist, Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones, Jr. and his quest for the lost Ark of the Covenant. The film, styled after old movie serials, would spawn two sequels, video games, books, comics, and other related merchadise. Currently discussions are underway to film a fouth adventure with the Fedora-wearing, whip-wielding archeologist.

As was the case with the original release, the film continues to inspire filmmakers, archeologists, scholars, artists, video game designers, special effects technicians, stunt men, sound designers, and armchair adventurers.

Raiders of the Lost Ark still photo 01

To celebrate the historic film and its anniversary, I've put together a few links to send you off on your own adventure...

  • Twenty-Five Reasons to Watch Raiders Again - The official Indiana Jones website provides 25 little-known facts about the film.
  • - One of the finest digsites for news, facts, events, fan films, forums, and references about the Indiana Jones projects. Be sure to check out the great 25th anniversary tribute post they've put together, with wallpapers, screenshots, and references.
  • IndyGear - From the famous Fedora, to the rugged leather jacket, to the trusty bullwhip, IndyGear is THE Indiana Jones Equipment Resource. Spend valuable research time in the Props section and visit the forum where you can learn how other fans make their own. Make it a priority to visit Dr. David West Reynolds' The Archeology of Indiana Jones section so you can learn about the real-life inspirations behind the movies!
  • - A website by Indy fans for Indy fans.
  • Indiana Jones (In Development) - Information, screenshots, and a trailer for the upcoming video game from Lucasarts.

    Raiders of the Lost Ark movie poster 02

    Step into the time machine and check out the original trailer for Raiders of the Lost Ark at this link.

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