Saturday, October 28, 2006

Halloween Haul 2006

One of the best things about Halloween is working your way through the candy and treats throughout the year. In addition to this year's haul, be sure to check out my 2005 blog post for a bunch of tasty Halloween leftovers from last year!


Hellboy Sword of Storms Poster.
Characters © Mike Mignola. Art © 2006 Starz Media, LLC and Revolution Studios.

An audio interview with Hellboy and The Amazing Screw-On Head creator, Mike Mignola, can be found over at Word Balloon. Mike discusses the upcoming Hellboy Animated films, working with Tad Stones, more Abe Sapien and BPRD adventures, and the big red character's beginnings. *Contains potentially offensive language near the end. (via Hellboy Animated.)

Dan Brereton print of The Nocturnals
The Nocturnals © Dan Brereton.

What's Halloween without Dan Brereton's The Nocturnals? The Gunwitch, Doc Horror, Halloween Girl, Polychrome. Great names. Great characters. Great stories. Great art. Check out another great Word Balloon audio interview...this time with the creator of the fascinating Halloween-style characters himself.

Note to movie and TV producers: Where's the Nocturnals movie or animated series we're all waiting for? These easily-translatable characters, if handled properly, could potentially be a box office tentpole film or series!

Ghostbusters Project:Remix logo

Tunes for Ghostbusting: Ghostbusters Project:Remix. Use the free Switch application to convert the WMA files to MP3 or other format. Flip4Mac (also free) is also required for conversion.


Disney's Skeleton Dance
The Skeleton Dance © Disney.

Tune in to Disney's classic Silly Symphony animated short, The Skeleton Dance (1929), on YouTube.

Disney's Lonesome Ghosts
Lonesome Ghosts © Disney.

One of my all-time favorite Disney animated shorts, Lonesome Ghosts featuring Mickey, Donald, and Goofy, can also be found over on YouTube.

Ray Parker Jr. Ghostbusters video screenshot.

"Bustin' makes me feel good!" - Ghostbusters by Ray Parker, Jr.


Classic monster art by Bruce Timm.
Art © Bruce Timm.

Arglebargle has a blog post on Bruce Timm's monster art as well as influential poster artist Reynold Brown. Some really fun images! (via The Ward-O-Matic.)

Merrill Rainey Halloween Wallpaper preview.
Art © Merrill Rainey.

Merrill Rainey has posted some fun icons, desktop wallpaper, and PDF coloring book at this link. (via Drawn.)

Matt Putnam-Pouliot Scarloff Wallpaper preview.
Scarloff. Art © Matt Putnam-Pouliot.

Matt Putnam-Pouliot has posted some fun wallpaper at this link. (via Drawn.) Be sure to check out his fantastic art gallery filled with fun ghouls and beasties!

M&M'S 50 Dark Movies Painting.
Art © Mars, Incorporated.

Guess the titles of 50 Dark Movies hidden in imagery in this Hieronymus Bosch-like painting at the M&M'S Dark Chocolate website.

Preview of Mummy Raking Leaves desktop wallpaper.
Art © Vera Brosgol.

"Everyone Loves Mummies" is a fun wallpaper for your desktop by Vera Brosgol. (via Boing Boing.)


Skeleton centerpiece for Halloween supper.
Photo © theprojectmaker.

Hosting a Halloween gathering? Check out this fun set of instructions for creepy but consumable foods for supper! (via Boing Boing.)

Mummy Cupcakes photo.
Photo © Bakerama.

Mmm-mummy cupcakes.


Foam Tombstone photo.
Photo © Spooky Blue.

Carve your own decorative tombstones. Create fear with the wicked scarecrow!

Origami Jack O'Lantern.
Art ©

Use the leftover candy bags to make your own Halloween origami! (via Monsterama and Paper Forest.)


The League of Robots and Monsters
BlueSky Studios Challenges - Halloween!
BlueSky Studios Challenges - Classic Movie Monsters
Smooky Ghost Story. (via Cold, Hard Flash.)
Flickr photos: Jack O' Lanterns, Halloween, Pumpkin, Pumpkins, Ghosts, Monsters, Monster, Spooky, Costume - "The largest site about monsters."

Spooky Denmark photo by Warren Leonhardt.
Photo: Copenhagen, Denmark. © Warren Leonhardt.

Warren Leonhardt's ''abra macabre!" Flickr photoset. Be sure to view his fun blog with other spooky postings!

Happy Halloween Boils & Ghouls!!

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