Friday, December 23, 2005

Instant Message Santa Claus

If you have iChat or AIM, try adding 'SantaClaus' into your buddies list. You can chat with him, play games, and tell him what you'd like for Christmas! I keep him around all year long to add some festive cheer during my Internet wanderings.


Whitney said...

In response to your paleo blog. Whenever I see the word China, or chinese writing it reminds me of my old job. LOL A few months ago I worked at a Chinese buffet..I shocked my boss with some Chinese I learned online with sentences like (practice makes perfect,see ya tomorrow, and other stuff.) LOL
he he he. Everyday was funny and interesting especially when the guy who couldn't speak my lanuage would sing to me in Chinese and then found out he liked me. AAAA ha ha!

Paleontology (is that spelled right?) is cool. I remember when I was little I was thinking of being one. A person who digs up fossils,dino bones.
But I was suprised to find fossils by my mailbox in Ohio. The only fossils had shell imprints,leaf, and small things. Sometimes an indian arrow head would pop up. LOL :-)

missblt said...

hi santa