Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Apple - iPod U2 Special Edition

U2 Special Edition iPod Image
It's a 'beautiful day' for Apple and U2 junkies! Today Apple released the U2 Special Edition iPod. Americans can check it out here.

Apple also announced that the iTunes Music Store will be open for business to Canadians in November and that a version for European Union members launches today.

If you're not a U2 fan, but you're looking for a more colorful iPod, a company called ColorWare has been offering a service in which they will paint your iPod from a pre-chosen list of unique colors. They also offer custom coloring and can paint PowerBooks, iBooks, and other laptops. The quality of their work looks fantastic!

Amazon.com purchase link (shipped to US only):
Buy an iPod U2 Special Edition
Buy an iPod or iPod Mini

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