Thursday, October 21, 2004

The Return Of The King: Kong Screenshot - Includes Headshot of King KongKing Kong is among my top favorite films. It still provides me with inspiration today as it has done for so many other filmmakers, animators, and paleontologists. Before Peter Jackson directed the spectacular Lord Of The Rings trilogy, he was attempting a remake of King Kong. He even had some incredible sculptures produced to help sell the movie with Kong battling a few Tyrannosaurs. The studios weren't ready to produce the film yet, so he moved on to the Tolkien epic. The rest is history.

With the success of the Lord Of The Rings films, Peter has now been able to revisit his King Kong concept and get back into making it happen. If you want to follow the production you can visit and keep track of the giant ape.

Like and, where periodic updates were provided on the production, Peter Jackson provides video updates every few days in the form of Peter Jackson's Production Diary for 'King Kong'- currently on Day 33. It helps provide a little more insight into filmmaking in New Zealand from PJ and crew.

I'm anxious to see what he does with Skull Island and the dinosaurs!
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