Friday, May 13, 2005

Raiders of the Lost Archive - Vol. 1

Occasionally, I'll venture into thrift shops, visit garage sales, and browse flea markets. Not to seek out discarded fortunes, but to discover great treasures in illustration, photography, and design. These come in many forms, but mostly materialize as books, toys, and even records.

LPs or albums, as records were also known, had a major plus over all other forms of music media, which was the size of area available for cover imagery. Even though a large majority featured lackluster photography, gaudy colors, impossible-to-read fonts, and forgettable titles, some great gems were produced during the vinyl years.

Scanned and retouched for your viewing enjoyment, I present the first 3 finds...

Hit Parade for the Little Folks Record Cover
Produced by Peter Rabbit Records / Arc Sound Ltd.

Walt Disney's Pinocchio Record Cover
Walt Disney's Pinocchio © 1963 Walt Disney Productions

The Music Man Record Cover
The Music Man © 1962 Warner Bros. Records, Inc.


Kristen McCabe said...

Those are lovely. Have you seen the Mary Poppins one? I found a picture of it on the net so the quality is kinda crappy.
(thanks for adding me to your link section)

Chad Kerychuk said...


Thanks. A lot of the Disney ones, had some great artwork. I'm scanning in a few more now for the next posting.