Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Science News - May 25, 2005

Some science news for you today:

Blackbeard's Flag IllustrationIn the marine archaeology field, researchers recently raised a cannon from an underwater site near North Carolina, hoping the artifact will prove the sunken wreckage it came from was once the flagship of the notorious pirate Blackbeard. features this report on a new planet found in the Milky Way.

Australian palaeontologists have discovered the fossils of what they believe to be a new species of long-necked dinosaur near Queensland.

Meanwhile at the American Museum of Natural History, the first ever fossil of a sleeping non-avian dinosaur has been described by Drs. Mark Norrel and Xu Xing.

Over in East Africa, a new species of Monkey has been discovered. Known as the Highland Mangabey, it was identified by two independent research teams working in separate locations in southern Tanzania.

Keep on learning about the wonderful world in which we live!

Blackbeard's flag image from Wikipedia.

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