Friday, May 20, 2005

Town's Secret Star Wars History

Star Wars Millennium Falcon GraphicTo help you celebrate the opening of the Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith movie, BBC NEWS World Edition features a fun story about a town's secret Star Wars history.
"A relatively long time ago, in a west Wales town not too far away... arguably the most famous spaceship in the universe was created."

"In the winter of 1979 word started to spread in Pembroke Dock that a flying saucer was being built in an old giant aircraft hangar in the town.

"Those involved were sworn to secrecy."

I saw the newest film during a midnight showing on Wednesday, and while there's certinaly things I'd change or add, I enjoyed it. Regardless of whether you agree with his decisions or not, it's commendable that Lucas has been able to create his worlds without interference from others. Not many filmmakers have that luxury.

If you're heading out to the see the movie this weekend, I advise you to not only pick up your tickets ahead of time, but be prepared to arrive early to wait in line to get in to see the show. From the recent news reports and estimates, it might be another record-breaking opening for a Star Wars film. Enjoy!

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