Saturday, November 12, 2005

Hellboy Animated

Hellboy Animated Concept Art by Sean Galloway
Hellboy Animated concept art by Sean "Cheeks" Galloway.

Like the recent motion picture, 'Hellboy', created by author/illustrator Mike Mignola, will be coming to life in animated form. IDT Entertainment and Revolution Studios will bring 'Big Red' to life in direct-to-DVD productions, and possibly an animated series, online content and video games. Ron Perlman, who acted as Hellboy in the feature film will also be providing voicework for the animated versions. Guillermo del Toro, director of the film, will serve as a creative producer along with Mignola.

Read the Variety article at this link.

I was pleased to hear that a fellow member of The Drawing Board, Sean "Cheeks" Galloway, was chosen as the lead designer and fellow forum member and animation veteran, Tad Stones, is the supervising director. With all of this talent, Hellboy is certainly in good hands.

Follow the production of Hellboy Animated at the new Production Diary.

Check out more of Sean's outstanding artwork at his online gallery, where I'm sure you'll see how his dynamic style is a natural fit for animation.

There's also a great interview with Tad regarding animated television series development at Digital Media FX.

While we're talking about Hellboy, here's two great lithographs I recently received. The first comes courtesy of '...' at the Hellboy fourm, and the second arrived thanks to Jun at The Comic Bug.

Hellboy Palenque Lithograph by Mike Mignola and Dark Horse Comics
Hellboy mini-lithograph produced by Dark Horse Comics.

Hellboy Hurricane Katrina Red Cross Relief Lithography by Mike Mignola
Hellboy Hurricane Katrina Red Cross Relief lithograph by Mike Mignola.

Hellboy and all related characters © Mike Mignola and Dark Horse Comics, Inc.


Anonymous said...

Great looking Hellboy prints! The animated series or movies should be pretty cool to watch too.

Gerald said...

This animated series sounds great!
"Cheeks" is insanely talented.