Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Ray Harryhausen: Portrait of the Animator as Zeus

Ray Harryhausen photo with stop-motion skeleton model

There's a good interview by Mark Zimmer with stop-motion animation legend Ray Harryhausen at

"Harryhausen: I always worked by myself, because I like to concentrate. I prefer not to have people around. So every inch of film is usually the first take. We never had time to do retakes.

dOc: How did you remember from one day to the next, 'Now, was I moving this limb this way or that way?'

Harryhausen: Sometimes if I had to stop a scene I would make notes, but you have it in your mind. When you make storyboards, you sort of think of it as though it's in action. I guess I have a Zeus complex. I like to manipulate these people as Zeus did in the early Greek concepts."

Ray also talks about his past work with Willis O'Brien, the upcoming 'King Kong' 'Mighty Joe Young' and 'Song of Kong' DVDs, and even Peter Jackson's 'King Kong.'

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