Wednesday, November 30, 2005

New Dinosaur Species Announced

Illustration of Centrosaurus brinkmani dinosaur species by Mark Schultz.
Art © 2005 Mark Schultz and Dr. Michael J. Ryan.

A new dinosaur species discovered by my good friend, Dr. Michael J. Ryan, was officially announced recently.

From the press release:
"The new species of dinosaur, named Centrosaurus brinkmani, belongs to the group of dinosaurs related to the well-known Triceratops, but lived about 10 million years earlier. Remains of the dinosaur were discovered in bone beds in southern Alberta, the largest of which is in Dinosaur Provincial Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ceratopsian (horned) dinosaurs can be distinguished from one another by the ornamentation on their frills that extend shield-like from the back of their skulls.

Distinctive hooks and "spikelets" on the frill of Centrosaurus brinkmani allowed scientists to identify this dinosaur as a new species."

Read more about the new dinosaur, who it's named after, and feast your eyes on other beautiful illustrations of the species at Palaeoblog.

When you're done, head over to CBC's 'Quirks & Quarks' website and listen to Dr. Ryan describe the new species.

Thanks to Dean for the CBC link!

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