Sunday, November 27, 2005

Photography: Computer Bugs

This 'little lady' decided to check out our new 17" PowerBook...

Photo of a Ladybug on a 17 inch Apple PowerBook.
Photo © 2005 Chad Kerychuk.

There seems to be an invasion of Ladybugs and Box Elder Bugs here in the Midwest. They're not harmful, but they become annoying, sometimes flying right into one's face, laptop screen, or nearby light source.

According to the ever-resourceful wikipedia though, Ladybirds or Ladybugs can be beneficial:
"In parts of Northern Europe, tradition says you get a wish granted if a ladybug lands on you. In Italy it is said by some, that if a Ladybird or Ladybug flies into your bedroom, that it is considered good luck."
Perhaps they're not so much of a pest after all.


Fishfrog said...

I used to live in Boulder, Colorado and my apartment would be swarmed by Box Elder Bugs every year. As you say, they are totally harmless. But they congregated on my south-facing windows for the warmth of the sun. They would live out their rather short lives there and then die. I ended up with hundreds of bug carcasses lined up on the floor below the windows. Harmless... but gross.

T.S. Idiot said...

Unfortunately, those little brown, black and orange imposters are not lady bugs. They are asiatic beetles known as harmonia axyridis and they are the spawn of satan. They multiply by masturbation, they stink when you squish 'em, no other insect will eat them and they're immortal.

Chad Kerychuk said...

Actually, they do look like the Asiatic Lady Beetle to me...a form of 'ladybugs'..but they do leave a foul smell for certain!

Gerald said...

Great photos on your blog! It's great how the apple monitor is is also red.